Castbird Computing

Small scale web hosting + Your reliable web consultant company

I am seeking for a business opportunity.

I am a web programmer and one of the user under the GMBO ( ) program. As you might notices, the GMBO will be inactive on March 2015.

You may login to your Google Business Sitebuilder or refer to for more information on this inactivation.

While I am migrating my domain and hosting to others service provider, I was thinking if I can do something like below,

I will be email to all GMBO owners and ask them to subscribe my web-services-to-be. All you need is to pay is RM 100 per year, including the yearly domain name renewal fee (approximately RM 66 per year). All I earn from you is only RM 34.

If I will have 3000 subscribers, then I shall have 3000 x 34 = RM 102,000.

This RM 102,000 will be use to subscribe a server, as staff salary and some necessary business operation cost.

When you host with me, I shall deliver a CMS or site builder like the Google Business Sitebuilder but come with extra features, for example:-

  • Facebook integration
  • Complete Ecommerce system
  • Others element that essential to a successful website

My past experience make me understand that for a successful website, we will need a minimum marketing effort, aka bring traffic to your website. We could not expect people will come to our website automatically, people don't even know our website is existed. Hence, some e-marketing effort like SEO (what is SEO ) and social marketing (what is social marketing) will be needed.

I do not practice customer-do-it-themselves and die-themselves, from time to time, free training classes will be conducted. We shall advise you what will be the essential element needed in your website. We will continue work with you and maintain a long term business relationship. In short, I will be building a small scale web hosting company + Your reliable web consultant company.

Therefore, your growth of your website and your web business shall lead to my business success.

Please simply write an email with 'yes' to together will your contact details and website details, for time being no payment will be needed from you. I will need to accumulate enough number in order to minimize my risk.

Lastly, I truly believe your support towards me shall also bring success to your business.

Warmest regards,